Group Training - Strength and Conditioning (GSC)

General strength and conditioning.  A very supportive welcoming group, all striving to be just a little better each day, mentally and physically. There will be time for a skill and mobility featured in each class. All levels of fitness are welcome in these classes. Please check the schedule for class times.

WorkHorse Legends: Ages 50 - 100

A  program designed with our 50+ athletes in mind.  Focus is on improving balance, strength, mobility, and stamina for all life's daily needs. Movement is medicine

Beginners welcome!


Please register by contacting Jen at 519-525-3732 or


WorkHorse Sports Team Training

Do you have a group of athletes who would benefit from strength and conditioning to build on their sport's skill sets? Agility, speed, power, endurance, core strength.  Hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, ringette, skating.  Ask about our 8 week WH team training program. 


Private Training

Personal training is by appointment.

Small Group Learn the Basics -package of 5 sessions -$300

One on One $75/apt 

One on Two (train with a friend) $45/apt/person

One on Three (train with 2 friends) $35/apt/person

One on Four (small group) $25/apt/person


WorkHorse Kids: Ages 8 - 11

WorkHorse Kids is big on movement, big on fun. They get to climb, crawl, swing, pull, and push their way around the gym, all while learning the basics of strength training, gymnastics movements and stamina.  We want to teach kids that the gym is a fun place to be and encourage them to make it part of their lifestyle.  


Please register by contacting Jen at 519-525-3732 or


WorkHorse Teens: Ages 12 - 17

Sport conditioning program for our teens. 2x /week. Improving strength, speed, agility and power, creating faster, stronger more confident athletes.  Training in small groups allows for individual attention within a team atmosphere.  

 12 week session begins Feb 1 - April 22-   full 


Mon / Wed  3:30 pm Ages 15-17 

Tues/ Thurs 3:30 pm Ages 12-14


Please register by contacting Jen at 519-525-3732 or