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.......... it's a lifestyle.


WorkHorse is a strength and conditioning training facility that aims to restore optimal function to the human body.  Achieving general fitness and strength takes time, we start slowly and hope you will enjoy and respect the process by making gym time a daily part of your life.  


Sports performance, general fitness, and improved appearance all depend first on the acquisition of basic strength. As physical inactivity continues to be the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, the WorkHorse goal is to help you battle our sedentary culture by adding strength and movement to your life.


By slowly increasing movement and exercise intensity, the program is adaptable to every level of fitness, from the inactive to the advanced athlete.


Classes are kept small and training is based on member’s personal goals. Goals could range from improving quality of daily living, increasing sports performance, body weight management, preparing for a hiking or cycling adventure, reducing pain, improving mobility, strength, balance, power, and agility. Whatever your goals may be, I'll dedicate all my knowledge and resources to making you stronger, faster, leaner, healthier humans.


Jennifer Fleming

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