Owner & Head Coach

Jen brings to WorkHorseSC, Clinton her 20+ years in the health and fitness industry.  

Opened in 2015 WorkHorse is an accumulation of that experience, creating a functional fitness/athletic training facility offering programs for all ages: kids, teens, adults, and seniors.



"Growing up a Chiropractic kid, I believe we have all we need to be well within us, it just needs cultivated with proper nutrition and a committed daily practise of movement and strength"  


"Jen’s enthusiasm for functional fitness leads to a creative and well-designed program for all clients. Her passion in the field can be felt by all athletes who have been lucky enough to walk through the doors of WorkHorse. She understands the importance of creating a welcoming environment where each athlete is encouraged and supported in their journey to reach their potential" Coach Carter 


I am the product of many great people. My Chiropractic father and sister,  my Mom, a nurse and many great sport coaches along the way.  

Special mention to my mentors Mary Garon, and Dr. James Laithwaite. 

1996-1999: Humber College Diploma Hospitality/Fanshawe College Health Office Management 
2003-2014: Clinton Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
2008: Canfitpro Group Fitness Instructor Certification  

Stott Pilates Certificate 

2008-2012 Group Fitness Leader 

Total Fitness, Goderich, County Club, Clinton

2014: CFL1 (CrossFit Level 1 Certification)

2014-2015 L1 Coach -Tank Training Centre Goderich 

Functional Range Conditioning Lev 1 Practitioner

2016: CFL2 (CrossFit Level 2 Certification)
2015 - Present: Owner Operator of WorkHorse Strength and Conditioning, Clinton Ontario 


Additional Certifications:
Mobility CFCert, StrongMan CFCert, CatalystAthletics OlympicLifting Cert, Gymnastics CFCert, Functional Range Conditioning Cert (2016), MelioGuide Osteoporosis Prevention Treatment and Management Lev1 (2015),

Home study always




Cindy is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and a high school Phys Ed teacher at Central Huron SS. She earned her Bachelor of Human Kinetics - Movement Science at the University of Windsor. She has always been involved in fitness and sport. Cindy played broomball, softball, slo-pitch, and volleyball, loving the social aspects of team sports. As life happens, team sports got harder to commit to and she slowly moved more to running, swimming and general fitness. 


My Fitness Journey:

I thought I was in pretty good shape; I was running regularly, including half and full marathons. Then I went to a strength and conditioning class and 2 days later I could not sit on the toilet or wash my hair. I was hooked. 


Why Fitness? 

You are competing against yourself and your numbers.


Why Workhorse?

Many of my closest friends are found within the walls of WorkHorse. These people see me at my best and at my worst, but we are all working hard to be the best version of ourselves.

Why Coach?

Coaching is an opportunity to share my enjoyment for physical activity. It is rewarding to watch athletes challenge themselves and be successful.  There is nothing more satisfying than hearing, “That was hard, but I did it!”




Amanda attended her first class at WorkHorse in April 2017. Showing up each day and enjoying the variety and programmed workouts soon became an addiction.


This place is so much more than a gym. What I didn’t expect was, underneath the sweat, tears, and sore muscles, my passion only grew and I just loved the process for getting fitter. The members of WorkHorse SC have become my second family. Every day I step into that gym is a good day. I feel stronger, healthier, and happier.


December 2018 I got my L1 coach certificate and I started shadow coaching with Jennifer in the new year. As a coach, it’s wonderful to see each individual athlete grow stronger, faster, and mostly healthier.

I would like to tell someone who is interested in joining WorkHorse Strength and Conditioning to just show up. Come in and try it. You won’t regret it.

Hope to see you in class soon!

Coach Amanda




After completing my undergraduate in Physical Education at Brock University and Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University, I came back home to Huron County to find a teaching position. I currently work as a permanent teacher at St. Joseph’s, Clinton. 


I have been a part of the WorkHorse family for almost 4 years. At first I was terrified of all the equipment, and nervous to be judged by all of my peers. I quickly realized that WorkHorse is not a place to be afraid of, as the people here have created a community, more so a family. It’s the people who cheer you on whether you just killed a workout, or you’re the last one finishing it. No matter how you feel going into the gym, you always leave feeling better. I feel constantly motivated to do my best, and to push myself both mentally and physically. In all honesty, WorkHorse taught me when you work hard, anything is possible! 

After two years, I decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. My passion for the gym continues to grow as I get to coach people of all ages. I love how every day is different, and everyone has strength in different aspects (gymnastics, strength, flexibility, endurance, etc.). Helping people meet their goals and being present when they get a new PB is one of the best feelings. I look forward to working with any class, whether it be the kids, mighty teens, legends, or the general public. Each class allows me to coach and learn in new ways. I am thankful for my WorkHorse family everyday!




Lissa is the Facility Manager at the Vanastra Recreation Centre and has been involved in the fitness industry delivering aquatic and first aid programs for over 30 years.  In her years of experience she has seen first handed the positive impact fitness can make on people's health and well being.  


Over the years the fitness industry is constantly changing, Lissa has found great satisfaction in the last 4 years with the combination of strength and conditioning training. Linking her instructor training and leadership experience through aquatics, Lissa has achieved her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and has now joined our WorkHorse coaching team. Lissa’s goals are to help you make the very most of yourself, recognize your achievements and link them to your better quality of life.

“Everyday we continue to  focus on our health and well being as a individuals and as a WorkHorse family.  Let’s get stronger and healthier together.”




Hey all! My name is Val Westerhout and I have just began my coaching journey at Workhorse. I have trained at this gym since December 2018 and just can’t get enough. 


The community that has been built (and continues to grow) is supportive and encouraging to say the least. I quickly learned everybody thrives in motivating each other with a great sense of overall community. As I do love the work we put in, my favourite part of WorkHorse is the like minded people. We all show up with the mindset to better ourselves each day even if it is just getting moving. 


Along with coaching, I am currently working full time as an Equipment Operator and Crop Scout for Hensall Co-op while juggling my personal business, 4 Point Photography. A diverse range of careers, yes, but I like to keep busy! 


When I’m not occupied with coaching, scouting or photography you can find me on our home farm helping Dad with the chickens. I am a graduate of the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus where I majored in Agriculture. 


When it comes to education in fitness, my journey has just begun. Behind me I have a large background in sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track and field (high jump and hurdles), competitive dance and cross country. All movements and skills that have collected over the years to comprise the athlete I am now. I currently have my Level 1-CF certification and look forward to building on this through WorkHorse and external courses. 

So that’s me. A motivated, diverse, and sometimes particular individual that strives to improve my overall health on the daily. If you are reading this, there is a reason! Get to the front door of WorkHorse and the rest will take care of itself. Looking forward to seeing you there! 


Take care,

Coach Val  




Natalie is an active-lifestyle enthusiast, holds a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate and has been a lifelong athlete. Growing up playing rec soccer and competitive volleyball, Natalie joined these teams and also participated in track & field events, basketball, tennis, and badminton while in high school. Although always enjoying an active lifestyle, it was the challenge of building endurance for a Tough Mudder obstacle course event which really opened Natalie’s eyes to the adventure and excitement involved in personal training. Struggling through the Tough Mudder course, successfully, Natalie soon found WorkHorse SC gym and has never looked back. The first workout she participated in involved wall balls, which became and are still one of her favourite movements to date!

In coaching at WorkHorse, Natalie hopes to encourage athletes to always complete the workout - their best effort that day is all that is asked for! Showing up to class is an accomplishment in itself, but finishing a workout that seems daunting is even more rewarding. The amount of effort put in equals the amount of result you get!